Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Paid to click PROBUX

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We all know the power of advertisements in present days. Without advertisements, no business can survive. An advertiser chooses many options to take his product to the customers. Internet has become one medium where the products can reach the customers very effectively. That is why we see the internet is flooded with advertisements. How can we take part in this business and earn some money out this multimillion-dollar business. Paid to click or simply known as PTC website does pay their members for viewing and clicking advertisements. By becoming members of these PTC websites, we can also get substantial income.

There are many PTC websites available in the internet. There are fraud sites too. Selecting a good site requires good research over the internet. I would like to introduce Probux, which has a good reputation among users. In the beginning when you look at a site, you may get the impression that it is not worth the time spent. This is because the low values the advertisements can fetch. That is not the entire story.


I call this period critical because many members tend to give up and may discontinue. This is due to lack of in depth understanding and failure to analyze the income potential. The users must believe that there is an opportunity, which should not be missed. 


This is the first goal to reach that can be achieved very easily in about two weeks time.  How to achieve this goal? By clicking ads that has been assigned to your account, you can reach this target within about say 15 days. What can you do with $0.60?  

Here comes the important part – Renting Referrals. From what you have accumulated balance of $0.60 you can rent 3 referrals.  One can also add funds to speed up the process of adding more rented referrals.  Once you have added referrals, you should be aware that you should click on advertisements every day in order to receive referral income. Referrals cost money to maintain. At this point you have to turn on AutoPay option. Once this option is turned on, the it will ensure that the referrals pay for themselves in order to maintain. This removes the worry of allocating funds to maintain the referrals.

To add 3 more referrals you will need to wait for 7 days. After 7 days, you will have sufficient funds to rent 3 more referrals. You have to continue this perhaps for one more week until you have funds to rent 5 more referrals. This way you can keep on adding more and more referrals to your account. Keeping the seven days gap in mind and the fund position, you should do this until you reach a total of 200 referrals. This process will take months to achieve. You may even get discouraged. But you should compare the results from the first week and the current week performance. And remember that you are in the process of building a system that could generate a stable income for you. Therefore hard work and patience play very important role here.

Once you have reached 200 referrals it is time to pause. During this time, you will have to accumulate your earnings. One more thing is keep an eye on your referrals activities. Those who are not clicking the ads for more than 3 days be eliminated. See that your referrals do maintain good average. 


Within a month, you should have sufficient earnings to upgrade to Gold. Upgrading to Gold has a huge advantage. Your income can really DOUBLE. Consider the simple calculation given below.

200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = $4.00 per day +(your Direct Referrals clicks + your own clicks)

200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per click = $8.00 per day +(your Direct Referrals clicks + your own clicks)

Once you are in golden, you can once again renting referrals. Because our goal is to maximize the earning potential


This time our goal is to rent 1000 Referrals. This is a modest target. With earnings about $250 a month this target will be an easier one to achieve. Once you have reached this goal, your earning could be around 

1000 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per RR-click = $40/DAY +(your Direct Referrals clicks + your own clicks)

All this started with the investment of $0.00 only

Register today and work with determination. You will be blessed with success and money

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